Empower your
bio-energy flow!

What is Bioenergy treatment?

The human body has a circuitry system, bioenergy, which much like an electrical appliance needs a free flow to fully function. As humans, an electromagnetic field is produced from each cell, tissue, and organ in the body. Throughout a person's life, emotional and physical traumas have an impact on the connections within the body's 'living matrix' or 'bioenergy'. These in turn cause blockages, resulting in an impaired flow of energy, illness, weakened immune system and performance restrictions. Bioenergy treatment reactivates the healing process and immune system in your body.

How does Bioenergy Treatment work?

The treatment works on a deep circuitry level to release the blockages
and their memory patterns, which in turn enhances cellular repair,
communication and greater flow in energy for optimum health or homeostasis.

I work hands-on to release the blockages with mild manipulation and the treatment is given fully clothed whilst you sit or stand. I feel the energy in my hands as I work with you and very often you will be able very energy too, in the hands and body in the form of heat, tingling, pulling, stretching, releasing sensations & vibrations. Energy is unique to everyone and we all have a different language to interpret this unseen force - how will you experience it?

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My relationship with Bioenergy treatment

I have been practicing Yoga for over 30 years now (I entered my first class age 20!) and in those early years, my practice introduced me not only to one of the best ways to keep my body strong & mobile but, more importantly, to the possibility that there was more to life than practising the perfect headstand!! That there is an unseen force that connects us all and there is an ongoing communication whether we realise it or not, not only one human to another but all living organisms and we all have an effect on each other.

I was always pretty sensitive to others around me and could pick up on a person's positive vibes or an uncomfortable energy in a room, like many people do. Yoga opened up my sensitivity and the awareness of the mind & body connection too. Over the years, it built a number of strengths which I would later realise would provide many building blocks for my future.

I started working with Bioenergy techniques in my early 30's and immediately felt it was an intuitive way to work with my body and stimulate a positive response on the energy system. I had been suffering with anxiety & panic attacks & knew I had to make some changes to my busy life, I needed a way to help me move forward and regain my confidence that had been damaged. Together with my solid yoga practice, I found I was slowly feeling more connected, present & in control once more.

The real game changer was when I realised that triggers which had previously brought on the panic attacks were no longer triggers. I could see very clearly that the practice was able to enhance a greater sense of wellbeing & physical functionality which would help others to address physical symptoms, emotional healing & limiting perceptions.